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Welcome to the first modern site dedicated to Worms Utilities and Goodies.

Worms2 Movies Added - 12th October 2010
Trimming of the fat. I've removed a few pages which didn't really add anything to what this site is about (downloads for good 'ol Worms 2.)

Worms2 Movies Added - 13th February 2009
I've finished uploading (at 15kB/s...) all of the movies included with Worms2. Also, I converted them a MPEG4 format so that they'll play in more places. (The originals use codec unique to Worms2.)

Additionally, the site design has been marginally improved.

Website Refresh - 9th February 2009
The website is now receiving a much-needed refresh. I'm fixing parts of the broken theme, updating downloads, adding a few new downloads (mainly MP4 versions of the start up clips), updating the download locations and removing a bunch of old pages.

Website Migration - 10th January 2008
Thanks to Orcon deciding that they now want to force Google ads on all the freehost sites, AND want to move everyone's sites to a new domain (worse than ads alone), I've decided to move this site to a new host.
As long as I can hotlink them, downloads will still be available from the Orcon server as well as this one.

However, now the big problems start. How am I supposed to correctly redirect all traffic here without PHP or .htaccess support?

Refresh - 17th August 2007
Added an external link on the downloads page. I finally got off my backside and found a working download of it. (One that isn't BT or ED2K.) Enjoy.

Live - 10th June 2006
Since this was really a rush release, please contact me if you discover and dead links, especially if they are download or navigation releated.


v3 - 4th June 2006
Welcome to the latest update to the long-running RW2U website.

Chances are this will be the final WormsNet. The limitations of Orcon's freehost server (and all reasonable free webhosts) has just become to great for me to expand this site as fast (and often) as I truely want to.

There is no SSI, mod_rewrite or .htaccess in any form. All I can rely on is JavaScript - and only 80% of the time can I even rely on that!

Maybe if I am able to get my hands on a suitable domain name, I will expand this site to the relms of a fully server-side-script powered site...

Download Server Up - 10th July 2005
After a short downtime, the WormsNet download server (and main host) has put their freehost server back online!