Date: 16112007
WormsNet Liero-AI/MP mirror upped in the hope of (controllably) preserving Liero-AI/MP as long as it can be played. Currently, full-size screenshots and actual downloads aren't mirrored. These should be uploaded very soon.
26112007: Mirror complete!

Date: 24052003
In the download section: new archive containing all standard weapons, media et al., everything in source code.

Date: 28092002
In the download section there are new binaries today. Vector Terrain Editor is fully functional. For those of you who are not heavily involved in computer graphics: SGI image files have extension .rgb, carry transparency information and are produced i.e. by 3D Studio Max.

Date: 27092002
A pre-release version with vector terrain support is out for download.

Date: 23092002
To celebrate my birthday, I've put Liero-AI under GPL (mostly). Film at eleven.

Date: 22092002
Liero-AI finally has a web page. Now you can read about all beautiful, great and magnificent powers of this game. Oh, and by the way: if you are not new to Liero-AI, please see the Features section to check out what's changed. It's possible that you missed something...
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