This screenshot shows a weapon named SIXTEEN TON. It's actually a 16-ton weight falling from the ceiling.
You can admire the beautiful flares of Liero-AI on the new BURNER weapon. It's closest blood relative in the original Liero is the FLAMER.
A short course in confined space warfare: the CLAYMORE will explode on anyone so bold to try and cross the green line. This effectively closes the passage.
Did you know that Liero-AI has a true, genuine Capture the Flag mode? Of course, you can play it only on dedicated maps. An example of such map is delivered free-of-charge with each single copy of Liero-AI! Download one today!
If you missed it, Liero-AI includes a physics engine for water! You can even do advanced physical experiments, like, say, electrolysis.
Fire is one of the most beautiful elements of Liero-AI. Thanks to flares it looks really hot, and with its advanced realistic physics (it even takes convection into account) can be surprising! However, it will likely bring your machine to its knees.
On this screenshot you can see a new HUD (Head Up Display) for Liero-AI: the NiLHUD. With it transparent bars and minimap it looks great (idea from the liero-game NiL).
We managed to put even the most joyful and innocent things to serve as weapons. Here you can see a FIREWORKS show.
Liero-AI models also gaseous substances. This screenshot makes you familiar with the GAS GRENADE, which emits really very nasty green toxic gas.
Next of the Great Gas Series is the HYDROGEN GUN. Hydrogen, as it's widely known, is completely harmless by itself. However it tends to make explosive mixes with oxygen and even plain air. You can obtain it also through ELECTROLYSIS.
We leave the gasses, but still we're playing with high tech toys. Like the LASER. Very similar to Liero laser, only nicer looking.
Notice the beautiful shaded level. It's result of the Powerlevel support.
MISSILEs are similar to the Liero variety, only there are many kinds of them. Some missiles are self-guiding (like TROUBLESHOOTER).
Ever wondered what to do with that old Pentium machine? Now you've got the answer: PENTIUM BUG. It's a new weapon that jumps straight to your enemy.
See, a new star! The STARBURST is a really nice weapon for area clearing.
A Liero-AI startup screen. This way you can see how many different things are in Liero-AI...
An error? Certainly not, there are no errors in Liero-AI (of course ;-). It seems you have just caught a WINDOWS BOX and installed your doom...
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